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i love...

i love how
*you can leave your dorm room open and random people come by to visit
*i see art majors walking around with large portfolio bags, and i grow envious
*i've received so many compliments on my dreads
*guys live on my floor
*i can walk around and not have anyone tell me when to be in
*i always have someone to chill with
*i have cool cities surrounding me so i won't have to deal with small town blues
*my roommate and i are so different yet get along so well
*i'm away from home but not to the point where i feel so far away from my friends
*i am finally independent

real love

everything is beautiful and nothing no longer hurts...

keep love from being tainted.

is it true?


I act like I'm 22.
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well, a lot must be said in terms of updating, but i'll wait until i get back from going out.

i am born again

i feel infinite...its unreal...i'm so happy.

good things are coming my way...

you've got to be joking

he lives 4 mins away from me...FOUR minutes...

*smiles to herself*

i want someone i can relate to

LiNNeA's idea of the purrfect boi:

*loves a variety of musik styles
*plays some form of instrument
*is intelligent, deep
*isn't afraid to be affectionate in public
*calls just to say hey
*likes to travel
*has a good sense of humor
*is happy
*has major style...has clothes that i would wear
*is spontaneous and random
*sings and dances...even if it's just skankin or jumpin around
*is an insomniac
*can tell me ANYTHING
*lives in california or wants to live there
*is very open-minded and liberal
*likes independent films
*always keeps me guessing
*believes in me
*inspires me and feels inspired by me as well
*loves me
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i love you

crazy and fun night...*yawns*...more details layter
not much occured today. didn't go to sleep till 8 this morning. woke up at 2:30.

chilled...then went to the mall where i purchased jeans @ hottopic. there's a new cute worker. mmmm...

thank goodness for caffiene
i've been working on my scrapbook all day, i feel as if i actually got something accomplished today :)

chad called not too long ago. we talked for a good 10 mins. he'll probably end up coming here next weekend or the weekend after. i can't wait to see him, i miss him so much. he of course made sure to ask about my b/f status, which i thought was cute. i told him about the system of a down concert and he might be able to buy a ticket. i hope so.

i'm talking to my old friend josh and he just asked if i wanted to go over and smoke with him. as much as it sounds tempting, i need to clear my head and be drug-free for awhile...at least until next weekend :)

well, i gotta shower and then get ready to head off to the UiCa to see another brilliant indie flick.